Marine and property maintenance

Mark is always happy to discuss at length, the details, to ensure that he can personalise your maintenance work to your specific needs. This can be a small one off job, or ongoing caretaker services.

Over the years Mark has increased the property maintenance side of the business and has just completed a large contract upgrading a local industrial factory to their professional requirements.

I own several rental properties on the Isle Of Wight and live abroad most of the year. Mark completely refurbished a bungalow for me, installing a new kitchen and completing beautiful tile work. 
Whilst managing service and specialist contractors to complete electrical and plumbing works. Now he is my go to guy when any of me tenants has a maintenance issue.
 I couldn’t live without him. – Sue Dailey.

Marine and Property Care provides us with a reliable service at great value, we are pleased with the variety of jobs they undertake. We have used them for a number of years and have built up a good working relationship – Pete Kirby Spinlock.

Keeping existing customers happy with smaller general house and garden maintenance is just as important to our business. Our services often appeal to busy business men and women, who have second homes on the Island, allowing them to maximise their time to enjoy the Isle of Wight and the Solent, when here for a holiday.